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Advantages of Ending Daylight

There is an ongoing petition about ending daylight saving policy. This is a policy that was introduced earlier in the First World War with the intention to cut down on the use of energy. The whole thing is about increasing the hours that people in Europe should use in sleeping. The policy has been used for over a long period of time by the Europeans. From the experience that the people have got from the policy is that it is not that useful. Researchers have come out with explanations on the effects the policy has had on the economy.

Medical researchers and psychologists have given reasons of increasing or reducing one hour on the sleeping schedule has negative results on the body. This results to fatal diseases such as stroke and heart attacks. The two diseases are the ones that caused a lot of loss of life immediately the policy was implemented. People reason that there is no energy that is saved when the hour is added. For instance, it happens that the people go home earlier and light their air conditioners on the dates when they get home earlier.

The mind of most people is also not comfortable especially due to the change in the schedules in their activities. The speculations that people will use less lighting is vague since the same people tend to switch on their air conditioners for over a long period of time. If the petition succeed, people will have an added one hour of sleep. One of the organization fighting against this policy have given reasons that the success of this policy would be seen if it was carried out all year long. This means that the policy is not beneficial because it is effected annually. This has shown that for the policy to be productive, it has to be taken for a whole year causing a lot of benefits.

A petroleum company has stated that the extra hour will increase the use of gasoline. This has caused an increase in the amount of energy that is used in the rush hour because they have to squeeze their activities due to the limited time. The increased activities has led to the increase in the contamination of the air due to pollution. There is also traffic congestion that has made people to lose a lot of time. Distraction on the daylight time causes distraction on the metabolism and other body rhythms that would take even a week to heal. Some of the people have to drive for long hours at night.

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